The Peabody Opera House

The Peabody Opera House by Exclusive Events, Inc.

  • peabody-opera-house-chuppah-white-fabric-simple-ceremony-pedestal-aisle-box.jpeg

  • peabody-opera-house-strung-lights-tuscan-bulb-garden.jpeg

  • peabody-opera-house-winter-wedding-seating-table-placecard-dessert-table-theme-aspen-mountain-prop-fireplace-table.jpeg

  • peabody-st-louis-amber-lighting-uplighting-gold-strung-lighting-bulbs-snow-falling-event-wedding-gala-dinner.jpeg

  • Peabody Opera House wedding lighting Gatsby lighting.jpg

  • Peabody Opera House wedding band stage gatsby inspired fringe gold.jpg

  • Peabody Opera House black fringe string gold chain gatsby wedding.jpg

    The Peabody Opera House in Art Deco decor with black fringe string drape

  • Peabody Opera House wedding twinkle strung lights starry night.jpg