Meadowbrook Country Club

  • Meadowbrook Country Club whtie ceiling drape romantic wedding ivory lighting uplighting warm white pinspot pinspotting.jpg

  • white dance floor gobo lighting pattern lighting white drape meadowbrook country club.jpg

  • Meadowbrook Country Club wedding ceiling drape white crystal chandelier warm white uplighting ivory lighting.jpg

  • Meadowbrook circus dance floor white red and white drape ceiling cirque du soliel.jpg

  • circus booth strung lights carnival booth.jpg

  • circus cirque du soliel under the big top theme mitzvah.jpg

  • meadowbrook-moon-benches-lounge-colorful-lighting-white-furniture.jpeg

  • Meadowbrook Country Club Hockey Bar Mitzvah theme party ice rink penalty box Exclusive Events.jpg

  • bar bat mitzvah awards show hollywood theme drape entrance.jpg

    Gold and silver drape grand entrance for a Hollywood theme party

  • mitzvah awards hollywood theme party Meadowbrook country club.jpg

    Mitzvah, awards, Hollywood, Theme Party, meadowbrook country club, oscar statue, grand entrance

  • Meadowbrook Country Club peace love and ally tie dye ghost chair drape uplighting colorful.jpg

    Ghost chairs front and center at this colorful Mitzvah at Meadowbrook Country Club. Colorful rainbow up lighting, colorful drape and centerpieces.

  • Meadowbrook Country Club ghost chair mitzvah drape peace love.jpg

    Meadowbrook Country Club is pretty in color with ghost chairs, colorful drape, colorful Up lighting and fun Mitzvah centerpieces.

  • Meadowbrook Country Club peace love ally tie dye colorful mitzvah.jpg

    Meadowbrook Country Club colorful drape entrance for this Peace Love and Ally tie dye theme Mitzvah.

  • meadowbrook country club string lights baseball theme mitzvah dance floor.jpg

    Meadowbrook Country Club baseball party

  • ivy wall red couch baseball theme mitzvah.jpg

    Red couches and white tables look striking against an ivy wall

  • meadowbrook country club string lights baseball theme dance floor diamond mitzvah stadium food bar.jpg

    Graffiti wood wall and baseball food station