Bar Rental

Exclusive Events, Inc. has the largest selection of event bars in the area. Bar rental for corporate events, meetings, weddings, and social gatherings finish a room design. Exclusive Events, Inc. skillfully uses lighting design to transform as well as enhance an event room, whether large or small. Exclusive Events, Inc has a team of some of the best lighting designers in area to skillfully design and implement a beautiful lighting design. Our video and audio team work in conjunction with our lighting design team to create a cohesive event.

  • Marble painted bar wedding.jpg

  • tin bar station buffet food service rustic vintage.jpg

    Tin and wood farm rustic bars

  • Dessert Bar.jpg

    The ultimate dessert bar is waiting for you

  • Branded bar inpirational corporate logo messaging boxwood wall.jpg

  • Chase Park Plaza Khorassan Room dots blue purple pink white pill bar whiite round bar lighting bubbles Highboy lounge.jpg

  • gold champagne tower drink tower placecard display cocktail.jpg

  • cedar bar full round.jpg

    Oval wood cedar bar

  • white candle bar pocket bar display.jpg

  • Angled wood farm bars custom bar.jpg

  • custom monogram bar design white and blue.jpg

  • farm highboy bistro cocktail tables wooden wood rustic nontraditional.jpg

  • wood farm wooden bistro cocktail seating rustic.jpg

  • pill bar oval backbar white large bar in the round.jpg

  • white bar paper flower facing service bar wedding gala bartender.jpg

  • octogan bar grand hall on choteau russos bartender oval large round light up bar.jpg

  • octogon bar octagon bar light up bar round circle oval lightup.jpg

  • octagon bar light up glow pill bar oval.jpg

  • cheers western bar brown square saloon bar.jpg

  • saloon bar whiskey lounge tent drape cigar bar black couch.jpg

  • wine bar awning french italian vino reclaimed bar.jpg

  • Beer Garden German house french villa unique bar theme mitzvah Oktoberfest octoberfest buffet.jpg

  • around the world party international corporate gala flag bar.jpg

  • kentucky derby theme prop pill bar churchill downs finish line gala.jpg

  • Henna Bar Indian Mehndi service design specialty.jpg

  • BooCat Club cityscape lighting gobo uplighting lighting projection light up tables, ice cube black furniture purple lighting blue lighting.jpg

  • glass block bar cheese wedge round bar light up.jpg

  • pill bar half greenery insert living bar live plants.jpg

  • Pill bar white oval bar half.jpg

  • wine barrel highboy whiskey barrel high boy rental.jpg

  • corporate event bar backdrop welcome desk theme customer appreciation employee appreciation.jpg

  • white tufted bar.jpg

  • light up bar glow dj music backdrop circle glow light up.jpg

  • cirque du soliel bar customized insert bar glass block red black and white.jpg

  • custom bar logo.jpg

  • customized bar corporate employee logo pill bar insert.jpg

  • bar circus under the big top theme carnival custom.jpg

  • Candle bar white pocket bar insert bar.jpg

  • Coronado bar in the round personalized candle backbar monogram.jpg

  • light up bar tent drape colorful blue green yellow.jpg

  • Light up bar logo tent drape yellow blue green.jpg

  • cheers western bar brown square saloon bar.jpg (1)

  • tiki bar holiday decoration event christmas.jpg

  • light up bar twinkle light curtain holiday party tiki modern glow.jpg

  • metallic hourglass highboy wood triangle high boy.jpg

  • outdoor rattan furniture fire pit.jpg

  • route 66 decor theme glow light up bar logo.jpg

  • wine barrel whiskey table dessert  bar.png

  • lounge-seating-colorful-rock-and-roll-guitar-coffee-table-event-design-rubiks-cube.jpg

  • drink-sign-in-lights-reclaimed-wood-bar.jpg

  • red-couch-orange-couch-lounge-rental-soft-seating-colorful-indian.jpg

  • tiki-bar-jungle-theme-lighting-tiki-tropical.jpg

  • charging-table.jpg

  • pub-table-shadow-box-white-stools-unique-dinner-seating.jpg

  • saloon-bar-whiskey-bar-cowboy-western-theme.jpg

  • jungle-themed-gala-adult-jungle-lighting-light-up-bar-green.jpg

  • tiki-bar-caribeean-tropical-theme.jpg

  • sweet-bar-display-bar-case-dessert-wedding-backdrop.jpg

  • tent-drape-lighting-design-opulent-wedding-custom-bar-pinspotting-uplighting-white-drape.jpg

  • pill-bar-oval-bar-white-bar.jpg

  • oval-bar-pill-bar-round-bar-white-bar-large.jpg

  • light-up-bar-top-table-illuminated-glow.jpg

  • reclaimed-bar-chalk-board-meet-me-in-st.jpeg

  • white-bar-wood-front-glass-block-cheese-wedge-display-walls.jpeg

  • black candle bar candle walls backbar grid.jpg

  • IMG_2713.jpg

  • gingerbread bar prop house skating event.jpg

  • hot chocolate station event fireplace sweet bar winter party.jpg

  • glow bar custom argyle light up.jpg

  • rustic bars tin wood vintage tent.jpg

  • vintage wood farm bar arbor floral garland lanterns.jpg

  • cigar bar rolling.jpg

  • Downstream casino Oklahoma wedding white sheer drape white dance floor flower chandelier lighting glass block insert white uplighting circle bar pinspots.jpg

  • superhero theme bar villans and heros glass block insert.jpg

  • New Orleans cafe beignet donut doughnut wall sweet dessert wedding.jpg

  • theme bar lets flamingle flamingo pineapple.jpg

    Let's Flamingle pinapple and flamingo custom bars for that perfect Hawaiian Tiki theme party.

  • ombre peach coral pink ivory bar vintage bohemian.jpg

    White framed ombre design from peach to pink for the perfect customized bar.

  • ice hockey bar mitzvah light up glow theme party.jpg

    Hockey themed light up glow bar in glass block. Perfect Mitzvah themed bar.

  • wood barrel bar live edge plank table.jpg

    Live Edge wood whiskey wine barrel bar plank table.

  • reclaimed wood natural round bar service.jpg

    Reclaimed natural wood round bar for farmhouse or vintage decor.

  • tufted bar front blue teal velvet.jpg

  • great gatsby bar art deco square decor.jpg

    The ultimate Roaring 20s Great Gatsby Art Deco bar in the round.

  • tin wood bar rustic outdoor theme.jpg

    Tin and wood rustic vintage bar

  • reclaimed bar life preserver backdrop camp theme.jpg

    Life is a beach with a camp or outdoor lake or ocean theme life preserver backdrop to a reclaimed wood bar.

  • pocket candle bar lighted.jpg

    Lighted pocket bar

  • sanford western theme jail pentagon  bbq party cowboy  belly up tin and wood bar drink whiskey wheelbarrow chandelier stage woden flag americana prop saloon  farm tables vintage chairs.jpg

  • sanford western theme buffet bbq party cowboy eat station wheelbarrow chandelier stage woden flag americana prop concert tin metal wood bar.jpg

  • light up bars sunset lighting design.jpg

    Light up glow bar

  • black and white modern bar.jpg

  • corporate branded bar mission event gala celebration message white.jpg

    The Four Seasons white branded bar to reflect the corporate employee celebration gala. White display lighted back bar included.

  • wood cedar round bar.jpg

    Large farm cedar bar in oval or round shape.

  • wood cedar round bar oval.jpg

    Large farm cedar bar in oval or round shape.

  • farmhouse bar angular event rental.jpg

  • whiskey wine barrel coffee bar station rustic.jpg

  • St Louis Country Club tent Traube drape  black and white dance floor, stage face ivy wall white bar.jpg

  • Surf theme party backdrop tiki bar.jpg

  • meadowbrook country club string lights baseball theme mitzvah stadium food bar.jpg

    Wood and tin food station decor

  • meadowbrook country club wood bar baseball.jpg

    Wood oval bar

  • Ritz Carlton St Louis prefunction jungle glow tki gala DJ booth hut.jpg

  • Glow tiki bar.jpg

  • American food station theme around the world party.jpg

  • Doubletree Chesterfield colorful lighting design tent octagon bar.jpg

  • mountaineering wood cedar bar.jpg

  • Halloween spooky event concordance academy Ritz Carlton.jpg

  • St Louis Country Club Southwestern disco party pallet wall wood bar.jpg

  • Splatter Painted totally 80s lounge grafitti bar.jpg

  • Around the World Party London Brew Pub Cheers Bar.jpg

  • Outdoor boxwood wall farmhouse bar.jpg

  • Marble painted bar wedding.jpg

  • Branded bar inpirational corporate logo messaging boxwood wall.jpg